At Kutumbita, data security is of highest priority

At Kutumbita, we understand the sensitivity of user data, and we’re committed to ensuring confidentiality and reliability as critical components of our service. We take your trust very seriously, and we’re proud to provide a secure infrastructure that protects your visitor data and company information.

Centralized account management

Kutumbita makes it easy to centrally manage data and permissions for multiple facilities, no matter where you’re located. Role-based administration allows HR Managers to provide the right Kutumbita access to specified team members on global or location-specific levels.

All visitor information is stored in secure servers and can only be accessed by specified administrators. Robust visitor logs can be exported with just one click, an especially useful feature for our customers that require PCI DSS, HIPAA compliance

Secure and trusted infrastructure


All customer data is transferred securely using HTTPS (SSL connection) from the mobile app and Kutumbita web dashboard to secure cloud servers. All sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format. To prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, all our cloud servers are replicated in multiple data centers across the world.