Communication tools

  • Enable workers to easily contact supervisor or other members of the management team
  • Ability to reachout to supervisors annonymously
  • Management teams can reach the entire workforce instantly no matter where they are located

Improved efficiency

  • Recuces need for paper notices and announcements
  • Any question or queries from workers are forwarded to the concerned person, reducing wait time for replies

Enterprise features

  • Integrated communication platform for entire workforce
  • Easily maintain compliance requirements of regulators
  • Improved transperency between management teams and non-desk workforce

Support for company Admins

  • Full support by Kutumbita client service for company Admin
  • Support for setup, data management and other technical issues that
  • Integration support for existing softwares

Simple Monthly Pricing

  • $1000

    for the first 1,000 users

  • Contact Us

    For the next 9,000 active users

Block Pricing

The more your company uses Kutumbita, the less you pay per person. We have several block pricings depending on the volume of users (up to 10,000). For, additional users (more than 10,000), get in touch to discuss a detailed plan for implementation and pricing. Payment can be made quarterly or annually.